YouTube_to_Get_Redesigned_Home_Screen_and_Intelligent_RecommendationsThe Google has launched the new update of YouTube app for iOS and Android. The new update has the redesigned home screen and straightforward and elegant design to make it easy to find and enjoy the videos. The Update is not official yet, as Google is testing it on a bunch of the people to get feedback about the new design.

In the latest update which is still in test mode has the attractive home screen designs. The videos on Home Screen have High Definition thumbnails. Also, the recommendation feature of videos is fantastic because Google team improved it to give better suggestions. The new recommendation is a part of Deep Neural Technology, which means it will trace the user search history and show the suggestions. It will be the self-learning technology to recommend the videos to users.

The Freshness of Videos is included in the recommendations too. The Newly uploaded videos, which are less than hour old are to be included and shown to the users. There is no information about these features on the Desktop versions, but the YouTube is giving preference to smartphone users this time. The YouTube is concentrating more on the Recommendations feature because the right recommendations help them to engage the user and make more money out of it. It is indeed a smart strategy by YouTube. The features will be integrated into the desktop versions of the YouTube soon.