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World’s first Molecular Robot has an Ability to Build Molecules

The world’s first molecular robot has been developed by the researchers from the University of Manchester. This is the smallest ever robot developed by the researchers which can build drug molecules. These robots can assist the medical experts in the development of drugs and medicines. This tiny robot has a robotic arm which is movable and programmable.

These molecular robots have an ability to manipulate every molecule. Every robot can modify the molecule which constitutes hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen atoms. These robots are so small that when they are placed one above the other, their size would be equal to a grain of sugar. These robots operate with the help of chemical reactions which are carried out in a specialized environment. These reactions are controlled and programmed by the researchers to build molecules.

This research study can be found in the journal Nature. These robots find a wide range of applications in different fields and can be used in the manufacturing processes. This robot is developed by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology. The task performed by these molecular robots is to build molecules based on the user’s commands.

The working of the molecular robots is similar to that of the car assembly. These molecular robots are used to position the components to build molecules similar to the one seen in the manufacturing of various car components. These robots are used for developing the medicines by following the chemical processes which are programmed into these robots. These robots can boost the manufacturing processes in the fields like materials, medicines to meet the consumer demands.

The dream of administrating the molecular drugs inside the human body for medical treatments is coming true. This molecular robot is made up of 150 hydrogens, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms. The chemical inputs given to these molecular robots instructs them to perform the tasks similar to that of a computer program which executes the user’s commands.

However, this research is at an initial stage and more research is needed in this field to enhance the power of the molecule robots. Sooner or later these robots can be used to build the smallest machines which are portable and efficient.