Windows StoreThe App developers who are developing software for the Windows 10 operating system have the better way to sell apps to businesses. The Developers will now have access to the Windows Store for Businesses, which will allow developers to list their apps and then sell them to companies in Bulk.

The Windows Store for Business is the store which allows companies to distribute the paid software to their employees over the web. The Windows Business Store for Windows 10 is the step which will help both, Business and Developers. The Developers can list their Paid Software Programs on Windows Store and present it in Front of the Big Enterprises. Also, it is easy for businesses to purchase the software in bulk and distribute it among their workforce computers which have Windows 10 Installed in it.

The Microsoft is offering the Bulk Purchase discount for the large enterprises, to encourage the good paid app installs on the work computers of the business. The companies who have Windows 10 Enterprise edition installed in their work PC’s can avail this feature. Also, the service is only available in the 35 countries, which will be expanded soon to other nations. The Initial release of the Windows Store for Business will have features like Organizational Licensing, App Distribution over licensed computers with Windows Enterprise and the volume discounts for bulk purchases.