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Will Next-Gen Pixel Smartphones Support Custom Processor Designed By Ex-Apple Chip Manufacturer

Google is presently working on the next-gen of most like Pixel smartphones which are expected to hit the market soon. The latest market trends suggest that Google will now feature its own custom chips for the upcoming Pixel phones. The gathered information also suggest that Google has employed ex-Apple chip manufacturer to provide the custom chips.Will Next-Gen Pixel Smartphones Support Custom Processor Designed By Ex-Apple Chip Manufacturer

The new ex-Apple chip manufacturer will build and provide the custom chips for upcoming flagship Pixel smartphones. The name of the chip manufacturer is Manu Gulati who was former Apple employee and worked there for eight years and designed processors that shipped with Apple iPhone devices. Gulati has revealed about his appointment at Google as Lead SoC Architect on June 13 via LinkedIn profile.

Until now Pixel and Pixel XL and all Android smartphones used Qualcomm’s processor. However, the Gulati’s appointment hints that very soon Google would equip its smartphones with own custom chips to have more control over the smartphone devices.

The idea of designing custom chips may have come from Google’s competitor which is Apple. As most of the smartphones are equipped with Qualcomm processor which provides similar features to all the smartphones available in the market. Due to this, the smartphone may lose its identity hence they are planning to switch towards custom made chips.

Google is planning to design its own custom processor in order to distinguish it from other smartphones that will be launched in the market. The news regarding the design of custom processor also comes from the job vacancies listed on the company’s website which reveals that Google is looking for Mobile SoC CPU Architect and Hardware engineer.

Hence this reveals that Google is planning for some new custom processors which will be seen in futuristic phones. Google had earlier launched mid-range devices like Nexus series but to compete with premium iPhone devices the company had launched Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

As Apple designs its chipset in-house it has become dominant market player hence the custom processors coming to Google phones will help them to have better control over the devices and can ship them with high-end features.