After releasing the Wildly popular Android and iOS messaging app, the WhatsApp become the most famous tech company and later acquired by Facebook. Some time ago, they launched the Web Version of WhatsApp, which allows users to access the WhatsApp from Web browsers. And now, they’ve launched a Standalone Application for the Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Means, the WhatsApp is now available on Computers with a Native Software.

The Interface of WhatsApp software is similar to the Android or iOS versions of the App, but it is on PC, and that is the much different thing. The Cross Platform Social messaging app is helping millions of people to communicate with each other free of cost. WhatsApp announced about the Desktop Applications for Mac and Windows Operating Systems in the blog post. The WhatsApp for PC and Mac is no different from the Web version, but the Standalone application allows you to log in through the smartphone without being connected to WhatsApp on Smartphone all the time.

Whatsapp SecurityThe Log In Process of the WhatsApp PC and Mac is same and the Web Version. A User has to Scan the Random QR Code appeared on the Screen, and it Will Open the WhatsApp Chats on PC. Users now have the option to choose “desktop alerts”, “Sounds” and “Message Previews” on PC. The WhatsApp for PC is available for Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating Systems and the MacOS Devices. The WhatsApp for PC can be Downloaded from the Official WhatsApp website.