Twitter has made some modifications to its privacy settings and data controls. The initiative was taken by the company to enhance its services, to connect users with the Twitter stories, brands and organic content which are of user’s interest.Twitter Has Made Modifications To Its Privacy Settings And Data Controls

The move will also help Twitter to know more about the browsing behavior of the users and share information with the advertisers. Here’s a list of changes that the company is bringing to its privacy settings and data controls.

Time span of web data storage

The time span for which Twitter stores web data like other sites data, cookies is now extended. Earlier, it used to store data for 10 days but now this time is extended to 30 days and will begin on June 18. The web data is stored whenever the user clicks on the link which is embedded in a tweet which is later used by the company to give suggestions.

Removal of Do Not Track feature

Twitter no longer supports Do Not Track feature that is present in many browsers which stop advertisers from tracking your browser history. The company has also improved the personalized user experience which allows the site to make suggestions based on user’s interest and locations.

Boost the data sharing

Apart from storing web data for a long time, Twitter will also improve the way in which it shares the data with the advertisers.

These privacy settings and data controls will roll out from next month but users can do the change now by tapping Settings and privacy-> Privacy and safety->Personalization and data.

At the top of the Twitter page, there is an option to disable all personalization and data settings on the company’s website and then tap Disable all button on the mobile app and then toggle switch at the top.

Twitter has also rolled out new demographic, geographic and other ad-related data which is collected. Until now we only know that there won’t is less data sharing on its site. The company will soon provide the users a list of “Interests” which will be based on user’s activity and profile.