Want to get rid of your Facebook account? Or want to delete your previous account and open a new. Well, that’s pretty harder to get away from Facebook as it is an alert message for remembering your loved one’s birthday or keeping you in touch with your family and friends.

But, in case you thought of disconnecting yourselves from Facebook then you need to put in some efforts for doing so. The recent announcement made by the tech giant says, even if you delete the Facebook account or get out of the service you are still somewhere present on Facebook.

If you want to be in touch with your family and friends and want to use some of the features powered by Facebook but want to detach yourself from it then you can do so. Following are the steps you need to follow for taking the relishing experience of Facebook even if you are no longer a part of it.

Download all the data of your interest:

Tap on the settings button hit the general option, move at the bottom of General accounts settings and click on the hyperlink you perceive. All the Facebook data will get downloaded. You can view your photos and posts on Facebook even if you are not a part of it. But, users are not aware that the app is, in turn, collecting your data including IP address, searches, and political affiliations. If they keep on notifying you then yes it’s time to obliterate your account.

Establish your memories:

You can re-create your memories at later point of time. Once, you download your data, Facebook will preserve your photos, posts, and videos so that you can see it as and when you wish to.

Make sure you delete your Facebook account and not deactivate it:

If you really want to detach yourselves from Facebook, only deactivating your account is not enough. You need to delete your account as well. Though they sound similar they have different functionalities. For deactivate the account you need to click on the settings tab, visit the general menu and hit the edit button. You can reopen your account if you deactivate it. But, when you delete your account, there remains no space for regaining your account later. For deleting you can send a request to the service provider.