Academy-Awards-StatuesThis week, both the SAG Award nominees and the Golden Globe award nominations have been announced. It is an exciting time in the film and television industry, of course, as many will now get to see how their hard work might have paid off in terms of fame and notoriety and not just a paycheck.

But while these nominations are exciting, of course, it is important not to overlook that both of these award shows overshadow the Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars) which will broadcast on Feb 28 of 2016. The reason you have to keep all three in perspective is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences seem to change their minds—in terms of votes—between the Globes, the SAG Awards, and the Oscars.

It is not easy to categorize “winning” films, necessarily, because each of these award shows offer prizes in different categories, some of which might only exist in one award group. Also, it is difficult for the outsider—the casual viewer—to understand how voting works since each of the three Awards are provided by very different organizations.

As far as the Oscars go, for example, there are actually three distinct groups.

First, we have the early voting organizations. These are, basically, overseers who narrow the field.

Second, we have the pundits and bloggers.

While they don’t “necessarily” have a say in who gets nominated and who wins, their opinions (and the media push behind them, if they are big enough) can actually influence the voting organizations as well as the third group: the Academy voters.