The Tesla is going to increase the price of Model S cars. The Tesla Motors just experienced the wildly successful launch campaign of the Model 3 car. The company received more than 320,000 per-bookings of the Model 3 cars, which are going to ship to the customers in 2017. According to the insider sources, Cnet has come to know that the Tesla is going to update the interior and exterior of the Model S cars and ultimately price increase after this update of Interiors and exteriors.

The exterior design of the Model S cars will include the new LED headlights, Restyling of the nose part to make it look like the Model X cars. The nose styling would be more angular and curvy rather than the current round share. The Tesla Model S cars will come with various color choices. In the interior upgrade, the front seats will replace with the seats from Model X sedan from the company. Also, there will be more storage space than its current space.

The upgrade in the interior and exterior of the Model S cars is a good decision from the company, because, with upgrades, the Model S cars can sustain in the market for a long time. Also, it appeals the Premium customers, so when the car gets upgrades, the customers will bring in their old Model S car to replace it with updated model. The company hasn’t announced the updates and price change, but it is expected to announce in next week.