sylvester-stalloneHe may be one of the most memorable faces—and voices—in Hollywood but while his resume is filled with one iconic role after another Sylvester Stallone has not been “critically” recognized that often for his talent. So when Stallone received his Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe nomination, on Thursday, for his role in Creed, it was a bit of a shock to him.

It was only quite an incredible honor. You see, the only other time Sylvester Stallone was nominated for a Golden Globe (as well as an Oscar) was for his lead role in the film he wrote, Rocky.

Released in 1976, Rocky tells the story of an underdog plucked from obscurity to defy the odds and become a champion. Perhaps inspired by the real life story of Chuck Wepner, the tale of Rocky mirrors that of Stallone’s own climb to the top of the industry.

Born with a defect that caused his speech impediment, Sylvester Stallone did not have it easy as an actor trying to break big into the movie industry. But at 30-years old he did not let anything deter him and, after selling everything he owned—including his dog—the man lived on passion alone.

This passion finally paid off in the form of “Rocky,” one of the most successful Best Picture Winners of all time. The film also won for Best Director and Best Editing; Stallone was nominated for Best Actor (and Best Original Screenplay).

It has taken 39 years for Stallone to release 5 more Rocky films. While none were as critically received as the first, all have been widely successful.

Creed is the first “spin-off” film but, more importantly, is the first to find Stallone again nominated for a much deserved award, which recognizes not only his tremendous work in this film, but perhaps paying homage, a bit, to his entire body of work.