Depression is one of the grave issue faced globally by many people belonging to different age groups. Many research studies are conducted to find out the potential treatment of this disease. Due to advancement in technology many apps are being developed to ease this condition. New apps are designed which can ease the symptoms of depression. The main question here is whether these apps prove useful?

The apps designed to relieve the symptoms of depression are available for all the smartphone users which are used by many people. Many past studies have revealed that playing video games or indulging yourself in some form of activities can help in treating depression.

According to 2017 WHO estimates, depression is one of the major issue giving rise to various disorders and disabilities. Depression is listed as top 10 disorders which are leading to the death of millions of people. Many health experts and big organizations are trying to help people to identify the primary causes and the symptoms of the disease so as to find out proper treatment.

A good night’s sleep and mental exercises like yoga are one of the potential solutions to treat this condition. This research study was conducted by the researchers from Australia’s National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM), Harvard Medical School, Black Dog Institute and The University of Manchester. The researchers conducted 18 trials and analyzed 22 different smartphone apps to study their effect on the mental health of an individual.

During study 3,414 participants belonging to different age groups, 18-59 have participated. These participants were suffering from some disorder like anxiety, insomnia, mild, moderate or major depression. The smartphone apps are one of the useful tools to treat depression. These apps can relieve the mild and moderate amount of depression.

The apps which are meant for improving the cognitive abilities are very useful in treating this condition. However, there is a lot of criticism raised on these apps. Some people say that these apps alone cannot treat depression.
The traditional methods and anti-depressants tablets cannot be replaced by these smartphone apps. With the current advancement taking place in the technology field, it is expected that mental health issues can be tackled with the help of mental disorders.