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The Release Of Google Chrome 59 For Android Will Speed Up The Time Taken To Load Webpages

Google is constantly working to improve its one of the popular browser called Google Chrome. Now with the release of Google Chrome 59 for Android the company wants to make some significant improvements.The Release Of Google Chrome 59 For Android Will Speed Up The Time Taken To Load Webpages

As the use of smartphone has greatly increased in recent years people have become more dependent on smartphones and use of Chrome browser has increased rapidly among the users. Although the look of browser remains the same Google has improved the performance of the browser.

According to Google, the release of Google Chrome 59 will bring new perks to the users like it will load web pages faster consuming less memory, along with stability and bug improvements. As smartphones and tablet devices contribute to a large amount of generated traffic, the browser should be able to handle the traffic properly.

Google Chrome 59 will reduce the page loading time significantly by 10 to 20 percent which is the great speed enhancement. As everyone knows that faster RAM, speedy processor, and fast browser together provide faster browsing experience. The Chrome 59 browser will also support PNGs which resembles GIFs but the quality of PNGs or APNGs is little more than GIFs as they support 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency.

Google Chrome 59 is currently available for Android users and interested users can install it from Google Play Store. The Chrome 59 was initially launched for Windows, Mac, and Linux first and now it is available for Android users. This latest browser also consumes less memory and includes many security patches and stability fixes.

Last month, Google has included support for saving the content for offline viewing which greatly helped users with no internet connection. The Chrome 59 for Android has enhanced its loading time and utilizes less memory due to updated JavaScript engine. All the users with enabled automatic update feature will receive the Chrome 59 update automatically. Other users can manually visit Google Play Store and grab the updated Chrome browser.