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Oculus Patches the Flaw Which Allowed HTC Vive Users to Access Oculus Games

Oculus Patches the Flaw Which Allowed HTC Vive Users to Access Oculus GamesThe trick which allowed the HTC Vive users to play the Oculus Rift games has been closed. The Oculus has released the App update, which bans the Non-Oculus Rift users to access the Content from their Store. With the flaw in the Oculus Rift app, the HTC Vive users were able to access the exclusive content on their VR headset.

Two of the exclusive Oculus Rift games were able to play on the HTC Vive headset with the trick. The Revive, who bypassed the simple code which allowed porting the Oculus Rift Exclusive games on the HTC Vive hardware. However, the two exclusive games had to legally purchase from the Oculus Stores, but the porting method made the apps run on the third party hardware. The company has released the security update, which patches the flaw denying the access to HTC Vive users to access the content. The Oculus has already told that the ‘Trick” will get obsolete with the future update and advised the users not to download the apps from Oculus store, which will break them after the upgrade.

The HTC Vive users are frustrated after the security patch. The Legally purchased the app from the Oculus Store will not run anymore. The money and the time of the HTC Vive users have gone into the flush. The Reddit thread about this update has flooded with the disappointed users of the VR headset.