Google has recently updated its Google App for iOS and Android with new shortcuts, a set of attractive and easy-to-use buttons that will make your searching task much faster and seamless. Accessible via both the apps and the mobile site, these shortcuts links the user to information related to different fields such as sports, weather, food and drink, entertainment and much more.New updated Google App brings shortcuts that will make your searching task faster

Google Shortcuts for easy searching

The main motive behind the addition of this shortcuts is to provide a unique way of searching and exploring the Google App, instead of using the traditional input methods such as manually entering the text or using voice recognition.

What do these shortcuts offer?

Launching the app to all the U.S. Users who have installed Google app, the shortcuts are present just below the search box. When clicked, these shortcuts will provide streamlined information about a specific topic of interest, such as clicking on sports section will give latest scores, or tapping movies will show up the latest trailers.

Click on the arrow to the right of the main shortcuts on Android and whole page along with shortcuts, that are well categorized into a number of groups, such as “My Stuff,” a personalized section that will include the user’s emails, events, flights, and more.

Also, with this page, users will be able to do a lot of things, like translating texts, browsing nearby places, converting currencies and even play games altogether. Google is also providing a shortcut option called “I’m Feeling Curious” for interesting trivia.

None of these are new shortcuts to the users, but the Google has just organized them into neat little shortcuts for optimum ease-of-access. Shortcuts will be displayed in an easy dashboard-like interface.

The updated Google app is rolling out now to its users. It can be downloaded freely from the Play Store and the App Store.