Apple made an announcement to all its developers that the apps they roll out for iPhone X devices should be attuned to the super retina display. From April 2018, all the apps must be assembled on iOS 11 SDK. This clearly indicates that developers anyhow have to eliminate all the glitches coming from the smartphone. They have to design end-to-end edge display without a single notch on the iPhone X. Apple is yet to clarify what compatibility it is actually talking about. Does it mean aspect ratio or the resolution, sensor array or the home indicator?

New Apps For iPhone X

Apple’s decision of keeping the notch was not pleasant for many users but the company never regretted the same. The company has rolled out many documents, resources, magazines, and videos so that developers get a clear idea about what exactly they need to perform when it comes to coding part. Moreover, it has stated some guidelines regarding how to deal with the sensor array. Initially, developers would think designing and code a notch is a most tedious task. But when they start working on the home indicator, they would feel this as the most monotonous task.

It includes a number of responsibilities such as swiping the home indicator up to visit the home screen. Apple not only needs to come up iPhone X compatible apps but also have to make some changes in the existing apps so that those function well on the smartphone. It suggested developers release an updated software that allows users to download an application for hiding the white clumsy notch with white borders.

Several other companies have already changed the trend of notched devices and replaced it with something better. Apple talked about updating its apps last November. But the news just went-off as a rumor. The iPhone giant has not stated when it will update the existing apps but news apps will find its way on Play Store starting from this April.