Netflix’s US CatalogueThe Online Movies and TV Series streaming provider, Netflix recorded decrease in the content catalogue. The US list of Netflix has reduced by almost 33% in movies and 26% in TV Series. This report was published after a survey from Allflicks and Quartz. The International Netflix users, who are disappointed in the local version and content offered by Netflix, are often fascinated by the content catalogue of US Netflix.

For the subscribers based in the US, Netflix provides them access to the 4,330 Movies and 1,200 TV serials. The number is much higher for US subscribers than other countries. In the UK, Netflix users get access to almost 3,000 films and TV series, Australian customers, get access to 2,000 movies and TV series. Two years ago, Netflix US had approximately 6,500 movies and 1,600 TV shows in its catalogue.

The decrease in content mainly happens because of the licensing rights. The two competitors of Netflix, i.e., Hulu and Amazon has taken all rights for some TV shows and Movies, which makes it impossible to watch it on Netflix. Also, Netflix is removing the content, which is not being viewed by anyone. Most of the removed material are made before 2010. Also, the Netflix is making its original content, in which they’ve spent almost 5 billion dollars. The main reason is to avoid fighting for the content rights and focus on producing the quality content for subscribers.