NetFlix app Update with Data Saver FeatureIf you are facing lag on Netflix app, if used from a smartphone, then it is because of controlled speed for streaming and video quality by Netflix. Few days ago, it was revealed that Netflix is throttling video quality and streaming speed for the mobile data plan users. We’ve already covered this news. After getting negative responses from users and cellular companies, the Netflix agreed to fix this issue in next App update.

The Netflix was lowering the video quality and streaming speed for most of the mobile data users, especially AT&T and Verizon customers. The company reduced the streaming rate for mobile data users. The rate was reduced to almost 600 kbps on mobile networks. The Netflix stated that the decision was taken to help cellular data users to save their data plan and keep them from using all data on Netflix. The reason was good, but the mobile companies were not much happy.

So, Netflix announced that they’ll fix this issue in next update of the App. The company may introduce the “Data Saver” feature for cellular network users and the flexibility to choose desired video quality on smartphones. Those who have mobile networks to watch the movies will get a suggestion to use the Data Saver feature, and those with unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi connections can easily watch the high-Quality streaming videos. The new app update will be rolled out in May.

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