iOS app for Microsoft’s Cortana has recently got a major update, with the addition of new features and a sleek look for its users.Microsoft's Cortana On iOS Will Experience A Major Update

iPhone users already have Siri digital assistant but, it has a number of limitations. So, some iPhone users have opted for Microsoft’s Cortana. Cortana is the most popular digital assistant having some unique functionalities to perform various tasks. It is user-friendly and quite beneficial and it now gets a new revamp on iOS.

What’s New In Cortana For iOS?

The recent update for Cortana on iOS which is released on Friday, March 10 has exciting new features to offer to its users along with the sleek look. The first thing that you will notice is the redesign due to which the app looks more stylish. The core functionality remains same, but the modern look is now more pleasing to the eye of the users.

The company has made an attempt to deliver smoother and faster performance for its users. The new Cortana for iOS will now show cards on the smartphone’s home screen, providing relative information such as the local weather, traffic details, sports scores, order tracking information and much more.

On the left corner of the screen, users can view a persistent button for various actions that don’t need voice commands. Users can click on this icon from various places within the app to bring up the quick action buttons. The potential applications of this feature include setting up reminders and alarms and organizing meetings, among others.

Next to this persistent button, on right side, is a microphone icon that helps users to start a conversation with Cortana and give voice commands for different tasks.

The new Cortana has default settings for listening questions and voice commands, which makes the app to load faster and run more smoothly. Microsoft has also squeezed reminders, calling and texting functions for Cortana on iOS.

Limitations Of Cortana On iOS

Cortana is far less accessible compared to Apple’s Siri, because of the restrictions laid down by Apple.

Furthermore, these limitations prevent Cortana from being triggered outside of the app or experiencing a number of native iOS services.

The updated Cortana app can be downloaded from the Apple’s App Store and this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices running iOS 9 or later.