Microsoft OneDrive AdsMicrosoft OneDrive Ads On File Explorer Of Windows 10 Are Making Users Unhappy

Microsoft’s self-promotion has greatly expanded and has turned a great deal more apparent. But, users are not happy and keen about viewing this ad on their windows 10 operating system. Many users are discussing on Twitter about this self-promotion stunt by Microsoft. The ads for its OneDrive service show up on File Explorer of Windows 10. Users are claiming that the notification shows up on the Explorer’s Quick Access screen, informing them that OneDrive and Office 365 can be purchased for just $6.99 a month.

Microsoft Claims That These Adds Are Meant To Enhance The User’s Experience

Microsoft stated in an email saying that the ads prompt are not disturbing as most people are claiming. Instead, the company elaborates it as a “tip,” and that users can easily stop the pop-ups altogether according to their preference. Microsoft claims that the pop-ups offer “quick, easy information” for Windows 10 customers, which is used to “enhance the experience related to storage and cloud file management.”

Even if the user completely turns off these ads, they may still find it intrusive and disruptive at first view, because OSes have typically been free of any form of advertisements, save for prompts of software updates when available.

There is also the concern of already buying the price of the OS when a user buys the computer it’s running on, so it’s comprehensible why users are unhappy about Microsoft’s ads for OneDrive.

Paul Thurrott has written an excellent material showing how to turn off the ads completely, which is a must-read article for those who wants to get rid of their OS of intrusive ads for good cause. As of now, you can turn it off by going to the “View” tab within File Explorer, clicking on “Options,” then choosing “Change folder and search options.” In that, go to the “View” tab, then scroll until you get to “Show sync provider notifications.” Uncheck it and it’s done.

Ads popping up Windows 10’s File Explorer are among many ads that have appeared in the OS. There have been ads in the taskbar, the Start menu, and even the lock screen, which reveals the company’s self-promotion act. But, users are now noticing and are speaking negatively about these ads.