Microsoft is making easier for its users to set up a new Windows Machine. The recent addition of Cortana on Windows platform have proved to be a boon for Windows users and simplified their tasks.Microsoft Cortana can assist you to set up Windows 10 Creators Update using voice commands

Recently, the users can download Windows 10 Creators Update and set up their PC by firing voice commands to digital assistant called Cortana.

The new Microsoft Cortana is the voice-based digital assistant similar to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Also, amazon Alexa is most commonly used in smart home devices like smart speakers.

All three companies are trying hard to acquire a large number of users attention by adding various alternative options to traditional input methods.

Here’s how you can set up Windows 10 machine using the digital assistant:

The latest machines that support Windows 10 Creators Update have inbuilt Cortana support that tells users the basic steps to get started. The digital assistant will also help users to set up Wi-Fi networks, connect to it and sign in with Microsoft account.

How to Clean install Windows 10 Creators Update or setup a new PC with Cortana?

If you want to perform the clean install of your PC just restart the machine. Click on Windows key, go to settings, then click on Update and Security option. In that click on Recovery tab, present in “Reset this PC” section. In this section, you can remove your files or remove files and wipe drive option, which you can choose as per your need.

After that hit the reset button and you have successfully done the clean install of Windows 10. At this point, Cortana will pop-up. If Cortana is not able to listen to your commands that you can use keyboard and mouse for the setup process.

Whenever users want to use Cortana they can start by saying “Hey Cortana” followed by the command. It’s good to see that Microsoft is making users task quite easier every day with the addition of new features.