Online shopping can now be a fun and budget-friendly with the help of Microsoft’s virtual assistant called Cortana. In today’s digital world many people opt for online shopping which saves the time and also helps the user to grab the best product.Microsoft Cortana Can Assist You In Saving Money During Online Shopping

With the help of Microsoft Cortana, the user can effectively save money and it will assist the users in comparing the prices of different products. Microsoft has announced the new pilot feature on June 9 which will help the user to find the best price for the product while you are viewing.

Cortana, when paired with Microsoft Edge, can help the users to find the cheapest price on the items. When you are shopping online using the Edge browser, the Cortana will display a sidebar that shows up the similar products and their prices from different online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot etc.

As of now, the tool shows up the price comparison from 14 different retailers like Amazon, Walmart, eBay in United States and the number of retailers is expected to increase further. The new feature is similar to deal finding feature will was released in 2016. This feature was able to display the deals and coupons present on different products but it did not include a sale or special prices.

If you are visiting the website of supported retailer you will see a list of similar products at cheaper price. By tapping the Cortana icon, the products will be displayed on right side of the same window. But there are few limitations of this feature like if you have free shipping via Amazon Prime but not through Home Depot then you may end up in paying more amount. The software just displays the product which has a lower price but it cannot display the things like buy-two-get-one-free and other offers.

Also, the Cortana cannot provide the information regarding return policies, warranties, shipping time but it will just display the price. In simple words, this tool is useful but not completely reliable. Cortana installed on Windows 10 Creators Update has been equipped with this feature and it is available only for the Edge browser which has only 5% of the market.