Microsoft is constantly working hard to improve its Windows 10 platform. Recently, the company has launched new Mail and Calendar apps.Microsoft Brings Out New Mail And Calendar Features For Windows 10 Gmail Users

All the Microsoft Windows 10 users will be prompted to update their account settings soon. The mail and calendar featured were introduced to Windows 10 back in February, but the features were not compatible with Gmail accounts.

What does the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar Update include?

Microsoft has introduced many new features to its Windows 10 platform. The mail and calendar update will be available soon to the Gmail users also.

The calendar feature will have following features:

  • Color codes for various events: With the help of this feature, the user can distinguish between various events using the color codes
  • Interesting calendars: users will be updates about specific events
  • Bing can now be used to suggest locations and users can add common addresses to it for faster navigation
  • Office 365 accounts support
  • Faster and enhanced search along with the ability to track travel and package details

Coming to the next feature called ‘Focused Inbox’

As the name suggests the Focused Inbox feature is based on machine learning algorithm, that auto-guesses which mails are important to the user and places them under “focused” tab present in the inbox.

Also, the emails that have less importance are filtered and moved to “Other “tab. Hence, this will help users to concentrate only on high-priority emails.

This focused inbox and calendar feature have been made available since a long time for and recently the Microsoft have launched this features to Gmail users also.

One more interesting feature that is rolling out to Microsoft Windows 10 Focused Inbox feature will amaze users. This feature seems to be the enhanced version of Clutter that makes email communication a way better. With this feature, when the user’s types @ symbol anywhere in the email’s message body, he can view a list of users to whom they want to refer. This feature is commonly seen in social networking sites namely Facebook.

Microsoft is also waiting for user’s feedback about the Focused Inbox feature. Anyone who likes or dislikes the feature related to Gmail accounts can give their feedback to Microsoft. To do so, Go to Settings, then Feedback in the Mail and Calendar app and enter your feedback here. Also, users need to check the notification tab to see is the feature is available to its platform.