Intel Former CEO "Andy Grove" Died at age of 79
Intel Former CEO “Andy Grove” Died at age of 79

One of the Pioneer members of the Semiconductors giant Intel, Andy Grove, Died at the age of 79. He was the third employee and the Former Chief Executive officer of Intel. The Intel Started to row on the vision and expertise of Andy Grove. The Andy Grove has served the company as Chief Executive Officer from 1987 to 1998 and later became Chairman till 2005.

He was behind companies decision to move from making memory chips to the Semiconductor processor for computers, which shook the industry of equipment. This decision of Andy Grove made Intel the biggest Semiconductor chip maker in the world.

The Andy Grove was born in Hungary and then moved to the USA when he was 20. The reason was the Nazi persecution and Soviet siege. He later learned English and completed Degree in Chemical Engineering. In 1968, He joined hands with Gordan Moore and Robert Noyce to start Intel and then never looked back. Initially, he was a third employee and partner of the company, who was appointed as Director of the engineering department. He helped Engineering team of Intel to design the X86 series processors, which was the base of Today’s processors. His strategies for implementing better production techniques of Processors and Memory Chips made Intel the King of Semiconductor market.

In a statement, Intel’s current CEO Mr. Bryan Krzanich said that “Intel is deeply saddened by the demise of Mr. Andy Grove”.  Mr. Andy Grove was survived by his Wife, Two children and Eight Grandchildren.