Instagram has announced a new feature called Face Filters which seems to be the clone of Snapchat’s most iconic feature. Face Filters are basically different visual add-ons like hats, crown, flowers, glasses that can spice up an individual’s selfie. These add-ons are the augmented reality elements.Instagram Rolls Out New Face Filters And Creative Tools Similar To Snapchat

However, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat seem to copy each other with these features being released one after other to all the platforms. This is not the new feature for the Snapchat users. However, the 8 initial Face Filters on Instagram works in a similar manner as that of Snapchat which lets you add Koala ears, nerd glasses, a butterfly crown, bunny ears, other animal faces and wrinkle-smooth makeup effects to make your selfie a perfect one.

These Face Filters can be applied to multiple people within the picture. Also, Instagram has not revealed how frequently it will update these effects but it seems that the app will update them regularly. The Instagram’s Face Filters are subtle and they try not to cover the users face with these effects.

How To Use These Face Filters?

The Instagram users just need to open the camera and from bottom right corner click the new face icon to choose the face filter which they wish to apply to their selfie. The effects can be added to the videos and images captured using the rear or front camera and these filters work with Boomerang. After adding the Face Filters, users can share those pics and videos via Instagram Direct to their friends or post it to their stories.

Along with Face Filters, Instagram has also added one exciting feature called “Rewind” which is a new camera format that allows users to play videos in a reverse way. Other interesting tools are hashtag sticker, eraser brush. The hashtag sticker is available at the top right position of the screen which can be customized. Your friends can then click on the hashtag sticker or text to visit that hashtag page. Eraser brush can adjust photos and videos using the drawing tools.

The latest Instagram app version 10.21 which is equipped with these features can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.