According to analysts, this summer can not be classified in mainstream Hollywood movies include classic summer season. The estimated loss could amount to $ studios almost a billion According to the Bloomberg report.

The analysis pointed out that 40 per cent of the annual income of the Hollywood studios bring films projected revenues for the summer season, they are vulnerable to the expectations lost benefits. This year’s deficit of approximately $ 915.6 million (HUF 250 billion), dwarfed last year’s loss of $ 546.3 million, which in addition. A substantial loss is not primarily a small-budget films have caused loss of revenue, but the fall of a large-scale productions. The six major movie studios – Paramount, Fox, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros., Disney – 32 from 17 summer show was bleeding from the box office.

Hollywood had a horrible summer -- except at the box officeThe Bloomberg analyst summer proved that the audience goes to the cinema less. The problem of the possible solutions that would be enough for Hollywood studios would be less, but it will not happen – explains Doug Creutz. The worst was featured in a remake of Ben Hur, which is expected to record a loss of $ 75-120 million. The Paramount film studio $ 75 million lost in the Star Trek: Everything is too sci-fin, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: For the film shadows by a further 65 million.

The Disney three films, the friendly giant, Alice Through the Looking Glass and Elliott, the dragon also failed in the box office, the studio’s other productions, and the Finding Dory captain America: Civil War, however, restored the balance sheet, so that there is currently a 521 million dollar profit. Sony has re-tuned Ghostbusters is certain – although disputed by the studio – estimated at minus 58 million people closed distribution.

The declining revenues There are many reasons to explain such a tiring sequels, online and television content providers are forging ahead or bad criticism. However, the criticism is not always discourages the audience: the Suicide Squad – Suicide squad despite a lukewarm reception in North America earned $ 300 million, and the rest of the market even more. The summer’s biggest films of income between the top list of ten Warner Bros. production of three of the Demons 2, and the Central Intelligence Before I met you is included. The studios summer finally shows a balance of almost $ 300 million minus Paramount, Fox and Sony small profits, Universal, Warner and Disney and recorded a profit of between 300-500 million dollars.