Heathrow Airport says it has launched an inward examination after a USB stick containing security data was allegedly found in the city. The Sunday Mirror announced that the USB stick had 76 organizers with maps, recordings, and reports, including points of interest of measures used to secure the Queen.

A man discovered it in west London and gave it to the paper, it said. Heathrow said the greater part of its security designs had been assessed and it was “sure” the airplane terminal was secure. The Sunday Mirror said there were no less than 174 archives on the stick, which it said was found on the asphalt, and some were set apart as “secret” or “limited”, however, could be perused. A few documents revealed the sorts of ID expected to get too confined zones, a timetable of security watches and maps pinpointing CCTV cameras, the paper said.

One record featured late dread assaults and discussed the sort of risk the air terminal could confront, the paper said. The data has been passed to Heathrow insight boss, the Sunday Mirror said. The announcement from the air terminal said Heathrow’s “best need” was the wellbeing and security of travelers and staff.