A number of Google Pixel and Pixel XL users are facing serious issues with the smartphone’s microphone. Such as, audio input getting entirely disabled.Google's Pixel and Pixel XL Microphone Faces Hardware Issues

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the hottest smartphones currently available in the market, but they still have some hardware issues. Various issues were reported since their release such as audio problems, Bluetooth connectivity issues, unresponsiveness, freezing camera and lens flaring etc.

Issues with Google Pixel Microphone

The recent inconvenience experienced by Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners involves the smartphones microphones. Google Support forum displays “severe microphone issues,” and these issues are reported by a large number of users. Users have also flocked to Reddit to report the issue.

Google Pixel holds three microphones but, this issues can disable all the audio inputs in some cases.

It is Hardware Bug, Not A Software Issue

One of the Google’s current employee Brian Rakowski has responded to the user queries on the Google Support Forum, saying that the microphones’ failure is basically a hardware issue rather than a software one.

The reported issues in Google Pixel and Pixel XL microphone includes a hairline crack in the microphone component soldering or a faulty microphone. But, Google says that these scenarios are rare and they impact less than one percent of the total users.

Good News And The Bad News

Good news is that this issue is not a widespread issue and it affects less than one percent of Pixel and the Pixel XL phones. But, the bad news is that the hardware issues causes more hassle. Unlike software issue which can be fixed with a simple patch or an update, the hardware issue requires repairing or replacing the device altogether.

In some cases, the microphone issue disappears due to external factors like ambient temperature or grip, according to user reports. Google claims that the users facing this hardware issues can send in their Google Pixel or Pixel XL and get a free replacement.