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Google Update 2016: Google Chromecast App is Now Google Cast #Nomenclature

Google Chromecast App is Now Google Cast

Google Updates 2016 :-

The Search Engines just announced the new name of one of their product. The Google Changed the name of Google Chromecast App on Android and iOS to “Google Cast”. They made this announcement few hours ago. The Google Chromecast is an online-streaming dongle made for televisions. With Google Chromecast, users can stream the content in their smartphones on their televisions.

The Chromecast is a low-cost alternative to the Streaming TV boxes like Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV. The Chromecast made its particular place because of compact size. It was the most popular streaming device of 2015, with almost 20 millions+ Google Chromecasts sold in a year,

This is the small change from Google’s side. But the experts are saying that Google is giving a hint to this change. The Hint can be about the expansion of Google Chromecast usability. Also, this change in name is just a start from Google to integrate the technology of Chromecast into more gadgets. The Google has partnered with a new company, Vizio. These two companies are working to create a smart television, which will have Google Chromecast technology embedded. The Smart-TV will be remote less and can be controlled via Google Cast App on Android and Smartphone or from the Chrome Browser.

Experts are indicating that there may be a big announcement about the integration of Google Chromecast with other devices. Also, there may be some big plans for Android TV by Google. For now, we can just sit and wait for the next update from Google about the Chromecast dongle and Google Cast app.