Google’s Ambitious project, the Accelerated Mobile Pages is getting a boost in Search Engines Index. The Google started showing the AMP results in all platforms. Google announced that the Accelerated Mobile Pages for new sites would be highlighted in the search results. The pages will be emphasized in the Web, Android, Mobile and iOS versions of Google news. The News publications website who applied the AMP is getting preference in the Google News Search results.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages, in short the AMP are faster than the standard web pages. With AMP project, pages enabled with this technology load faster than regular web pages, consuming fewer data. Also, with the AMP, pages load other contents faster, like Videos and Images. After its announcement in 2015, many new publication websites, ad networks and websites started implementing it on their websites. The Google AMP is an open-source project, so everyone can implement it into their websites. In Google News Search Results, sites which have implemented the AMP on their web pages will be highlighted to differentiate between the regular pages and accelerated pages.

The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source project. The code of this framework from Google is shared on the Github. We don’t know if it will get a good response from Google users or not, because Facebook Instant Articles and Apple news already caches the web pages within seconds. But still, it is good for those who are using low-speed internet connection.