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Google Play Store Will Be Revamped To Lower The Rank Of Low-Performance App

Google Play Store which is one stop solution for all the apps currently available in the market. Apart from different apps the Google Play Store also offers different music, books which can be downloaded by the user. In order to enhance the performance of Google Play Store, the company have taken a new initiative to lower the rank of low-performance apps which are likely to be crashed.

The new algorithm is implemented by Google Play Store to check the quality of each application and to eradicate the apps which have bugs or affect your battery life. To increase the customer’s engagement in the app and to increase the popularity of the app company has taken this initiative.

The high-quality apps which are bug-free with enhanced performance will be ranked at the top on the Google Play Store while other low-performance apps will be ranked down. This move by Google will filter out the low-performance apps that will ease the task of Android users. This will also make Android stand out of the crowd when compared to iOS. The apps which are rated 1-star by users on Google Play Store were facing the stability and performance issues.

The ranking for the app will help the users in determining which app to install and which not to install. Hence the users time in browsing different apps and deciding which one is the best will be reduced. Thus, the newly implemented algorithm will prevent the bottle neck in the performance of different apps which will prevent the user from installing any app which contains bugs and can be crashed.

The factors which will be considered to determine whether a particular app will be ranked at the top or will be ranked lowered are the performance of the app, user engagement in the app, and the user’s ratings. These apps will determine the ranking of apps and its appearance on the search results. With this initiative, all the unnecessary apps will be cleaned up to free to space. This move will also target the developers to build a bug-free and high-performance app.