Google to Open a New HQ in Britain and Create more than 3,000 JobsNow here is some great news for Britain. Recently BBC reported that Google has declared its plans to open a new headquarters of the company in UK i.e. in London. And going by the BBC reports, this could mean that more than 3,000 jobs will be created in the nation by 2020.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, also confirmed the news to BBC and added that the company is a big opportunity in the UK. This is regardless of the nation’s choice to leave the European Union in June – a move that has prompted to numerous enormous organizations considering their alternatives and interests in the area.

Pichai further added that the UK offers a favorable market for the company. Google sees big opportunities for growth there .This is a major announcement from Google as UK has best talents which is beneficial for the company. So it can utilize these talents and be able to manufacture awesome products if the company builds a set up here for a long term.

The new HQ will be founded on Google’s King’s Cross grounds, which will comprise of three structures out and out, which incorporates two rented properties. The whole grounds, including the new reason fabricated 650,000 square-feet HQ, will house 7,000 representatives. Google at present utilizes 4,000 individuals in the UK.

The building has been designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the man behind London’s “Garden Bridge” extend and the London 2012 Olympics cauldron.

The BBC evaluated, with the assistance of development experts, that the cost of building the new building and significantly expanding its staff could see the new UK speculation cost more than £1 billion ($1.24 billion.)