Google In-House Incubator Area 120The Google is facing Brain Drain in the company. The talented employees are leaving the company to start their startup. To prevent this brain drain, the Google has begun in-house Startup incubator, named as “Area 120”. Area 120 is the In-house Incubator in Google Campus to help employees get funds for their innovative ideas.

The Incubator will be run by Executives of the Google team, named as Don Harrison, Broadley Horowitz. The Area 120 will upstand with the tradition of Google’s work environment, in which they allow employees to invest the 20% of their work hours time on the personal projects. The results of this policy are astonishing because this 20% work system helped Google employees to build the products like Google Adsense, Gmail, and Adsense. The Google is aiming at the markets outside the Search Engine. It wanted to become more than just Search Engine and related products company.

The Google’s Area 120 will help the company to acquire the ideas of their employees to spread the reach of an enterprise. The Google is now a part of “Alphabet” company, which is now the parent company of Google and other products from a company. So, the new ideas and companies funded by this incubator program will help “Alphabet” to spread in various markets. Behind the desperate try of Google to get beyond the Search Engine market, the Facebook rapid growth is the reason, said market experts.