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Google Home Users Have Reported Glitch In The Working Of Device. Is Google Trying To Resolve The Issue?

Google Home, the smart speaker was announced by the company in May 2016 which is now available in many countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. The users of this device have reported severe issues with the working of the smart speaker device.Google Home Users Have Reported Glitch In The Working Of Device. Is Google Trying To Resolve The Issue?

The issues faced by users with the Google Home device is that the device is not responding properly to the user’s commands and the problem is worsened further. Google Home was released during Google I/O event in 2016 and since then the device is competing with other competitors like Amazon Echo device.

Google Home is very useful to the users since you can stream the YouTube videos or Netflix shows on your TV, listen to your favorite music or news. You can control any smart device present in your home by just issuing voice commands.

But recently many Google Home users have complained to the support forum about the presence of an error in the device which does not accept any voice commands from the users. For example, if the users say “OK Google,” the smart speakers reply them by saying “Sorry, something went wrong,” or “There was a glitch, try again later.”

One of the Google home users has reported on the company’s support page saying that he cannot wake up the device saying ‘OK or Hey Google’. He also tried a factory reset several times but it was of no use. Some users are thinking to opt for Amazon Echo as Google has yet not applied a fix to this issue.

The company representatives are trying to resolve the glitch caused to the Google Home device but Google has not yet found an effective way to solve the problem with device response.

Google officials have claimed that they are actively working to fix the issue as quickly as possible and they welcome feedback from everyone as it will help them in a better way. They also expect users to bear with the problem for some time.

Google also said that they would replace the Google Home device for those users who have emailed them feedback and for whom the device is not at all useful.