Google Ad ScandalMarks and Spencer had joined the wagon to stop advertising with Google after McDonalds, L’Oreal and the BBC. Even multinational banks like HSBC, Royal bank of Scotland had stopped advertising with Google recently. It all happened when the companies found that their products are been advertised next to the extremist columns and controversial contents. Companies have been very cautious about their brand image and cannot afford to risk their brand by getting their adverts next to an anti-Semitic or hatred video. This has been a serious concern for the companies which ultimately led them to quitting advertising with Google on YouTube.

Google had publicly apologized to all their advertising partners and assured to be taking serious actions against this. Mr. Brittin confirmed that they would revise the parameters to define what content and videos is considered to be safe which are uploaded on the website.

For that matter, Google confirmed in increasing the strength of employees to monitor and speed up the process of deleting ads from all the videos that are hateful and offensive to the audience and their advertising partners. They confirmed to struggle with monitoring more than 400 hours of videos been uploaded every minute in the YouTube website due to which this issue had been raised.

The current procedure which reflects if the content uploaded is offensive or inappropriate depends on the number of users flagging the content as inappropriate which is later evaluated by YouTube which later is been removed from the site. By hiring more employees Google would try to evaluate the content even before it is been flagged as inappropriate by the users. Google is currently focusing on improvising the Artificial Intelligence by developing new powered tools that will be able to evaluate the content at the very early stage.

Google has also confirmed that their YouTube team is in constant process to revise their policies related to the kind of content been uploaded on their channel and allowing the advertiser and agencies to have more control and visibility to confirm where exactly their adverts are been played. Britain has been the second largest market for Google after US and hence it cannot afford to have such a setback in their services to the major clients who are generating revenue for them.

This scandal could provide a positive chance for the traditional advertising methods and companies like newspapers, television which can be considered more trusted medium of advertisement.