Google Hires Ex Motorola President (Rick Osterloh) as SVP in hardware DivisionThe Google is working on setting up the Hardware unit for handling all hardware requirements for their gadgets. The new Hardware unit from the company will fulfil the demands of development and production of latest Nexus smartphones, Chromebooks, Chromecasts and other hardware equipment.

The Google has hired Ex-Motorola president Rick Osterloh. The Osterloh will overview and manage the overall work of the hardware unit as the caretaker and authority in the field. He will lead the Project Aura, which is intended to develop and reinvent the Google Glass. The Google launched this Google Glass Developer Kit in 2012, which was never released for individual customers. But, later in 2015, Google stopped manufacturing the Google Glass, and now the project is in hibernation mode. Now, Rick Osterloh will manage the reinventing process of the Google Glass.

With the reinvention of Google Glass, the hardware division of the company will concentrate on the development of the Nexus smartphones, Chromecast devices, and the Chromebooks. Currently, Google relies on the third party OEMs for the production of the Nexus Smartphones and the Chromebooks. The New hardware division from the company will help them to become independent in the hardware needs. In the Hardware section, Mr. Rick Osterloh will assume the charge of Senior Vice President on the hardware unit and have to report directly to the company CEO, Sundar Pichai.