Google is finally killing Google Talk, popularly known as Gchat. It will permanently replace by Hangouts. The company had launched Hangouts back in 2013 as a robust loop of Gmail’s sidebar chat platform, as users were free to use Gchat just as well if so they chose.Google finally eradicates Gchat, which will be permanently replaced by Hangouts on June 26

Google removes Gchat’s Life support

Users will not be able to use Gchat from June 26, which indicates that users will have to use Hangouts.

Google will inform all its users about this release in the coming weeks. After this, users will be automatically directed to Hangouts.

Users need not worry much as there will be a messaging platform integrated into the core Gmail experience and contacts will also be passed over. Google has been trying to convince users to switch to Hangouts since years. This time it is implementing this move forcefully.

Google talk for Android will also be inoperative

Similarly, the mobile users will also experience a defunct, along with other apps that are launched to work with Google Talk services.

Various messaging services of Google

The people are not only stuck with hangouts. As Google has various messaging platforms. Why it’s supporting such duplicates of relatively the same thing is a story for another time, but if you are looking for something other than Hangouts, there are various options like Allo, Duo, Android Messages and even Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger. As Google’s strategy with its many messaging apps is still unclear, it is updating both Allo and Duo with all essential features, for instance, Allo with file-sharing, and Duo with voice-only calling functions.

Google is also wiping out SMS messaging from Hangouts.

Apart from formally removing Gchat, the company also declared that removing SMS from Hangouts starting from May 22 and also Android users need to switch to new Android messages app, which is experiencing new features, like reading receipts, group chats and high-resolution image sharing. Killing off Gchat might be seen as Google’s way of signaling that it’s about to reorient Hangouts into a worthy Slack competitor.

Lastly, it’s effort to wipe off services, the company is also removing Google+ functionality on Gmail in April or so, Engadget states. Apart from this, a large number of experimental Gmail Labs items are getting launched into official Gmail add-ons.