Google Fiber Introduces Fibre based Landline service $10 Monthly Google Voice technologyThe Google just made an Exciting announcement. The Search engine giant Google, who is providing the high-speed optic fibre Internet services, announced the Fibre based Google Landline service. The company announced this today in America. The users of Google Fibre can ask for Google Landline or Google Phone service. This service is based on the Google Voice technology.

Currently, Google will provide this service to those customers, who have $70 plan of Internet services or the $120 plan with Fibre Tv service. The Google Fibre Landline service is few inches ahead from the conventional landline phones. The Google Phone works on Google Voice technology and fibre optics connection. With Google Phone, you can do unlimited Local and long-distance calls without any quality voice loss.

The best part of this service is that it is cloud-based service. Users don’t have to buy any separate landline phone from the company. Users just have to install a box in the house and later connect any existing landline phone to that box. We can call it the plug-and-call gadget. This service can be linked and used with any existing landline phone. In America, almost 40 percent of the population is using the Cell phones and smartphones for voice calling. The Google Phone service will be launched in some selected parts of the United States, company officials said.