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Google Drive Can Back Up Your Entire PC Data Soon

Google Drive is the robust tool using which users can back up their data safely. Drive feature was launched by the giant search engine back in 2012 which allows you to store data on the cloud, synchronize the data across different devices and share that data.Google Drive Can Back Up Your Entire PC Data Soon

The backup feature for Google Drive has been revamped with significant modifications which make it more attractive cloud storage option compared to its competitors. Now the Google Drive can monitor and backup any file inside any folder you wish to. The folder can be any folder for instance desktop, your documents folder or any folder present at the specific location. The tool will roll out from June 28 in form of new app called Backup and Sync.

The Backup and Sync app are the latest modification to Google Drive for Mac/PC which is integrated with Google Photos. It is expected that the new Backup and Sync app can replace both the Google Drive app and Google Photos.

However, Google claims that the business customers can continue using the enterprise-based drive system and the regular users can switch towards the new Backup and Sync tool by downloading it once it becomes available. The enterprise-based drive system allows the business people to have access to a large amount of data without consuming much of the hard drive space.

The early birds who are interested in trying out the Drive File Stream can sign up for the Early Adopter Program. Google has not revealed much about how the users can benefit from the extended backup feature. But the users can open and edit the files as they usually do but how they can sync the files to multiple desktops is not yet clear.

However, for the regular users, the backup limit will be just 15 GB which is capable enough to hold a large amount of data. The users who need additional storage have to pay the additional price. This will surely help Google to compete with its rival like Dropbox which have come across many requests from different users demanding similar feature.

Google has been updating its Drive with latest feature like recently in the month of March it had introduced a feature called Google Vault for Drive which helps admins to gain more control over the files containing company’s private data.