Minecraft is Now Available for Oculus Rift VR HeadsetsThe games are going into Virtual Reality world after the introduction of Virtual Reality headsets by many famous companies. One such famous Virtual Reality headset maker, Oculus launched the Virtual reality version of a favorite game, Minecraft. The Oculus Rift VR headset users are now able to play this epic game by wearing the headset.

The Oculus VR, the Facebook company, launched this game on Oculus Store for $7. The Oculus users can now purchase and download this game for their VR headsets. The Minecraft is a favorite Block-Building game which debuted in 2007 and still ruling the gaming world. The simple block building game made for Desktop, Mobiles, and the Gaming consoles broke all records. The developer sold millions of copies of this game to gamers. The official statement released by the Oculus on their website states that, the MineCraft: VR Edition game is exclusively available on the Oculus Store for $7. Also, the game supports all the features from Pocket Edition, which includes Creative Modes, Survival Modes, Skins, and Multiplayer. The Players have the option to choose from the comfortable Theatre view or the First person view for the intense experience.

After the launch on Oculus VR headsets, Microsoft announced the VR edition of this epic game for Samsung Gear VR Headsets. The Microsoft is the developer of this block building game.