GameStop, Texas-based firm is a video game, electronics and wireless service provider. Recently, the company has started to investigate into a security breach after it was seen that credit card data have been ruptured from the GameStop website. The data was then sold in the black market.GameStop Begins The Investigation Process To Determine The Potential Security Breaches

If this security breach holds true then it would lead to the shutdown of about 150 retail stores across the globe.

GameStop acknowledges the security breach report

GameStop has started an investigation process to evaluate the security breach that might have attacked credit card details of many users visiting website.

The initiative was taken after the company received a message from the third party claiming that the credit card details of the users visiting website have been put for sale.

The customer’s data that might have been compromised

According to the reports by KrebsOnSecurity, two individuals from finance industry were informed by credit card processor that hackers have acquired the data from the official website from September 2016 to the beginning of February 2017. There are no updates regarding the actual location of the retailer.

The data breach includes the details like credit card numbers, expiration data, name and address of an individual along with CVV value.

The online stores do not save the CVV values of the credit cards in their database but by placing malicious software on the website such values can be retrieved easily. These CVV values can be captured before they are encrypted for heading towards payment.

Solution to the security breach issues

The CVV details along with other information like name, address, credit card number can be used for doing online transactions.

The customers who have recently carried out online purchase through the website should check their card statement and also their bank accounts for any unauthorized access that may have taken place. If they notice such unauthorized access they should re-check with their bank.

However exact details like the number of affected customers, the method used by hackers to compromise the user’s accounts are not yet revealed.