Game of Thrones Season Six TV PremiereThe most awaited Television series Game of Thrones Premiere of Season Six broke the previously made records. The craziest and most anticipated Season six Premier has broken all the records of viewership from last season premier. The Series maker, HBO announced that nearly 10.7 million fans saw the Game of Thrones Season Six premiere. The 10.7 million fans were seeing the premier on Television, partner channels, and the Online streaming platform.

The 10.7 million people who watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones is combined numbers of the fans watched the episode on the Television, i.e., on HBO, Online Streaming service, which is HBO Now. These numbers also included the repeat telecast viewers also. The numbers released by HBO are only from the United States viewership. The 10.7 million live viewers for the premiere of Season Six is the big number, because for the Season Five premiere last year, 9.8 million fans watched it live.

The numbers are not breaking any of the TV Viewership records, but certainly it did with the previous record set by the series. With straight 9% increase in viewership is a great thing for the show. The numbers are only from the Unites States and the combined numbers from all over the world are going to make everyone from HBO feel awesome. However, the HBO didn’t count those who’ve downloaded the episodes from a torrent. Otherwise it’d be the biggest show with high viewership on Season Premiere.