The Biggest TV Series from HBO, Game of Thrones left us with a big question after the last episode of Season 5. This time, they’ve left more major question marks after releasing the second trailer of the Series. The Game of Thrones is a television adaption by HBO, from a Book Series wrote by writer George R.R. Martin.

The HBO released the second trailer on the tv. The Second trailer of season six of HBO series ‘Game Of Thrones’ Starts with the Tyrion Lannisters Dialogue, which is “Are you afraid? You should be. You’re in the great game now. And the great game is terrifying”. There are some familiar scenes added in the new trailer, which we haven’t seen in the first trailer. The new trailer reveals the glimpses of events happening in the upcoming seasons. According to the fan theory, the Jon Snow, who is dead in the last episode of Season five, didn’t die and will return in Season 6.

The Season 6 of Game of Throne will be published in April 24, 2016, on HBO.

The television series season is based on the new book by George R.R. Martin, which is still in writing stage. The new book named as “The Winds of Winter”. This is for the first time that the  TV Series is releasing first then the book itself.