game of thrones season 6HBO managed to keep events on the upcoming season of the Game of Thrones. But, the leaks from the Season 6 of Game of Thrones are more exciting for the fans. The Lian Cunningham, who plays the role of “Ser Davos”, in Game of Thrones TV Series, was in the TV Show, Conan, where the presenter revealed a 60 seconds clip, which showed the dead body of the Jon Snow and the Ser Davos protecting his body. The clip is going viral on the internet.

The Season 6 premiere episode named as “The Red Woman”, which is referred to the Melissandre. The Clip, which shown to us in the “Conan”, was from the Season 6 Premier episode. In the clip, the dead body of the Jon Snow was lying on the floor, where the ‘Ghose’, who is the dire wolf of Jon Snow is protecting with him. Also, the Melissandre, Ser Davos and three other squires of Ser Davos are present. Outside of the Room, Ser Alliser Thorne, Olly and other traitors and Night’s Watch are trying to break the door of the room, where Jon Snow’s body is lying, and the Ser Davos, Ghost, and three other squires are in defending the stance.

The Latest clip shared in the show is going viral among Game of Thrones fans, because the 24th April is the scheduled date of Season 6 premiere. There is little disappointment amongst Fans, because the Series Hero, Jon Snow is still dead, where Fans are assuming that “The Red Woman” will resurrect him with her magic powers. To get the exact idea, we have to wait till the Series Premier.