Google Pixel device was launched in 2016 and many users have reported the freezing issue with the device. To address this issue the company have recently released new system images and OTA files for Nexus and Pixel phones which was much awaited. A Fix To The Freezing Issue Reported In Google Pixel Phone Has Been Applied As System Images and OTA Files Are Ready For Download

Google Pixel and Nexus phone users will soon receive Android builds but the OTA will take few days to reach all the users. However, the System images and OTA files are already available for sideloading for the users who can’t wait for the update to reach their device. The new fix should resolve the issue faced by the users.

The problem with the device was that it uses to freeze automatically and would suddenly stop working and become unresponsive for a minute and then goes back to normal without any error message. The Pixel community manager has acknowledged the issue and said that a fix for this problem is on its way. The fix to this issue have started rolling out via OTA update and will reach all the users in upcoming weeks.

He further states that freezing and other performance issues caused by many factors should be reported by the user after receiving the June security OTA update. Sideloading option is also provided for Google Pixel users so that they can apply a fix to the issue as soon as they can.

The new build is available as factory images and OTA updates. The phone has an unlocked bootloader to receive the system images directly via Google but for those who got it from Verizon, the steps vary. There is no need to unlock the bootloader as the users can install them if their device is working on expected version. The OTA update will not consume much time to reach the users.

There are various builds available for Pixel devices based on the carrier used. For reference, there are build numbers available for every Pixel and Nexus devices which are as follows:

For Pixel and Pixel XL build numbers are NHG47N, NJH34C, NJH47B, NKG47L. For Pixel C the build number is N2G47W, for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P the build numbers are N2G47W, N6F27E, N2G47W, for Nexus Player build number is N2G47X and for Nexus 9 LTE and Nexus 9 Wi-Fi the build numbers are N4F27E and N9F27C. The new update will fix the freezing issues as well as it will improve security features.