Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which was announced on October 6, 2015, along with Surface Book has now undergone new maintenance update. Among the list of updates, changes in hibernation and sleep mode are the noticeable one.Firmware Update To Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Brings Enhanced Battery Life And Improves The Touch Functionality And Much More

The users of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will enjoy the new firmware update as it is available for their tablet device. The tweaks to hibernation and sleep modes will result in improved battery life and better system stability. This firmware update also allows the user to control the brightness and overall system functionality.

The improved standby times the user will have more battery life for disposal. During the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft had claimed that it would also bring various firmware updates and it has Kept its promise. Another interesting thing is the adjusting the screen’s brightness every morning when the users wake up since most of us are not that bright when we wake up.

Microsoft unveiled the firmware updates on May 25 for it Surface Pro 4 device. Other important updates to Surface Pro 4 device are Intel Precise Touch Device, Surface System Aggregator Firmware, and Surface Integration drivers. The list of updates is currently available for Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 10 November Update, and Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 update has revamped its drivers for Surface Touch Servicing ML, Surface Embedded Controller Firmware, Surface UEFI, and Surface Touch.

The Surface Embedded Controller Firmware boosts the battery life when the device is in the sleep mode. The Intel® Precise Touch Device disables the touch when laptop cover is closed and not in use. Due to Surface Integration, the hibernation is adjusted by default. Surface System Aggregator Firmware adjusts the screen brightness when the system restores back from sleep mode.

The Surface Pro 4 users can download the firmware updates using Windows Update service which is delivered in stages to the users, hence the update will reach different devices at a different time.

Also, the users who can’t wait for the automatic update can download and install the updates by visiting the Microsoft Windows Update page.