Google is officially widening its customer base to children below 13 years of age with the release of the Family Link app for Android.Family Link app for Android will help parents to trace the usage and location of their children

Earlier, children were not allowed to have their own Gmail accounts, upload images to Google photos, comment on YouTube videos or other things that need their own Google account. Children either have to enter the false age to sign up for a Google account or use their parent’s account. With this new Family Link app preteens can have their personal Google accounts but with their parent’s supervision.

Google Family Link Goes Online

The official page of Family Link app seems to be a way in which parents can stay in the loop while their kids are exploring their smartphone and tablet devices.

After setting the Family Link app with the accounts of parents and their children connected together, then it will pave the way for parental control. Parents can restrict their kids from using and downloading particular apps and can view monthly or weekly reports stating the apps that are mostly used by their kids.

Parents can also set the bedtime of their kids for each day. For example, they can allow their Android device to be used only until 7 p.m. during weekdays and for a longer duration during weekends. Parents can even set the number of hours during which their child can access the android device on daily basis.

The location of children can also be traced to the use of Family Link app, with additional features like setting up a new unlock code in case if the children forget their own and by using apps that can access the device’s microphone and camera.

How To Sign Up For Android’s Family Link App

In order to receive an invitation to try out Family Link, the parents need to click on the Request Invite button on the app’s official page. With the help of Family Link, parents will create a Google account for their kids, who should also have their own Android device running on Android 7.0 Nougat or higher versions. Parents also need to have their own Google account and Android smartphone or tablet, and Android 4.4 KitKat or higher will work.

During the account setup, parents will have to pay 30 cents, as stated by the Federal Trade Commission for verifiable parental consent when companies gather personal information of children.

Google revealed that it will be rolling out Family Link to other countries very soon, but the dates are not yet announced.