Facebook’s Messenger apps need a kind of re-engineering with its features and facilities so that it can generate profits for this tech giant. The performance of the messenger apps is not above expectations in terms of revenue generation but Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is still confident that they would fasten their pace very soon. They have experimented with the facilities and features of these apps in numerous ways over past two years but they haven’t produced the satisfactory result for the company. The introduction of Chat bots was one such feature which the user would be able o make. But it proved to be useless for the users and didn’t attract many audiences. Later, they even introduced a new feature through which the users would be able to feature their advertisements inside the apps.

Messenger apps are portrayed more of a business related apps which should attract the business community for interaction between people and businesses. For this matter, there was a recent addition to the feature list with the introduction of discover tab which would be helpful for the user to find different businesses. The Asian market is predominantly captured by Line and WeChat apps due to which Facebook Messenger apps have got a seat back. But still, with the combination of Messenger and WhatsApp apps Facebook is very confident about the revenue generation and growth opportunities in the Asian market. Messaging apps still have a huge demand in the emerging market where there is still the high demand for low-end phones.

Facebook is still confident about the future of the Messenger apps and considers that there are many unknown benefits and facts about the messaging-based advertisement which has a lot of potential compared to other traditional and digital methods of advertisements. It’s a long way ahead and it will take some time for the Messenger apps to generate revenue as per the expectations of the company. Facebook’s WhatsApp has currently more than 1.2 billion daily users and expects them to grow at a similar pace through which they would manage the revenue generation and difference in the Messenger apps revenue.

According to the second quarter reports of Facebook, average revenue per user only in the Asia Pacific region was $2.13 against the revenue generated from the users of the US and Canada which are $19.38. Also, the ARPU growth in this area is much slower than the growth in the US which is 38 percent against 22 percent. This statistics of the number of users and ARPU growth rate clearly indicates that there is still a lot of opportunity and potential in the Asia and Pacific market which Facebook is trying hard to achieve.