The wait is now over as Facebook has finally rolled out the most awaited feature which allows the user to insert GIFs into comments. This will help the giant social networking site to stand out of the crowd.Facebook Is Finally Allowing You To Insert GIFs In Comments

The feature of inserting GIFs into users posts on Facebook is released as a part of Facebook’s 30th anniversary of GIFs. The company California-based company had already initiated the testing process of this feature about three months ago.

The release of GIF button was revealed as a part of Newsroom post for the Messenger. As the use of GIFs is most liked feature by many users about 13 billion GIFs were sent on Messenger in 2016 and 400 million of them were just sent on New Year’s Eve.

Due to the growing popularity of GIFs, Facebook was forced to provide the GIF button on its social networking site using which people can comment on the posts. The GIF button is available besides the emoji button, clicking on this button will display many GIFs. Users can also search for specific GIF using a search bar. For instance, if the user wants to post GIF related to birthday then he can simply type birthday in a search bar and the list of GIFs related to it will be displayed.

The GIFs which appears GIF button are launched by company’s GIF partners namely Giphy, Tenor, and Disney. However, there are few limitations to the GIF button. Firstly, the user cannot post their own GIFs and they have to use the ones which are available under GIF button by default.

As these GIFs can be linked via URL to their post they cannot do so while replying to another user’s post. There are many GIFs available under the GIF button and users can easily find any GIF which they require but the size of GIF library makes it difficult to look for specific one using the search bar.

Also, this feature is not available for uploading the News Feed posts but with the growing popularity of animated images, this feature will be available in near future. As a part of 30th anniversary GIFs, the company has also rolled out 20 unique GIFs featuring 20 famous celebrities like Logan Paul, Violet Benson to name a few.