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Essential Phone Will Operate On All Four Major U.S. Carriers

The Essential Phone developed by Andy Rubin is about to hit the shelves soon. The high-end features of the device and budget-friendly device are expected to acquire a large amount of market volume. Andy Rubin who was the former Google Executive is now working on a new project to design a smartphone.Essential Phone Will Operate On All Four Major U.S. Carriers

The two products revealed by him namely Essential Phone and Essential Home may reach the market anytime soon. It remains to be seen what connectivity options and the carriers with which it would work. However, during the Code Conference which was held on May 30, Rubin claimed that Essential Phone is expected to work on any U.S. Carriers as it has built-in technology which can do so.

The Essential Phone has the most attractive bezel-less screen which is seen in latest smartphone devices manufactured by LG, Samsung, and others. The bezel-less screen extends from top to bottom with a selfie camera present at the center to give striking visual effect.

The company’s support page also states that the phone will be compatible with all U.S carriers. But it’s not yet clear whether the handset functionalities will be supported by each network operator or not. The new phone is will work with all major U.S. Carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The phone has a price tag of $699.

The functionality of advanced network features like HD voice, built-in video calling and so on will work differently for different carriers. For instance, the performance of these carriers may vary compared to smartphones found on the retail shelves.

Verizon Wireless and network operator shared its posture on the Essential Phone. AT&T claimed that they are open to any customer who brings a compatible device to their network. T-Mobile also confirmed that its network will support the Essential phone but they are unlikely to sell the device directly on their website. Sprint also confirmed its support for the device which may challenge the flagship phones like Apple, LG, Samsung when it will reach the market.