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Essential Home By Android Is The New Competitor Of Amazon Echo

The new competitor of Amazon Echo and Google Home is on its way. Andy Ruby, the father of Android has now launched a new Essential Phone and Essential Home on Tuesday.Essential Home By Android Is The New Competitor Of Amazon Echo

Essential Home is a new smartphone device which has high-end features and is budget friendly phone compared to other expensive phones. Essential Home is a smart home device similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home which can be controlled using voice commands.

Although the innovation in smartphone technology has become saturated the smartphone manufacturers are now heading towards smart hub systems. Andy Rubin has become most popular after launching the Android OS which has occupied largest market share. Although Amazon, Google, and Amazon have released their smart home products, smart speakers none of them have designed a handset equipped with such functionality from beginning.

Andy Rubin, says that he has developed these products to overcome the issues seen in current technologies like high-priced products, and devices which become outdated after a year. Both the Essential Phone and Essential Home are developed based on the concept of seamless companion hub.

The Essential Phone has various features like high-end handset hallmarks, an edge-to-edge display size of 5.71 inches. The smartphone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. It has dual rear cameras and titanium body design. The device has a price tag of $699.

The Phone is available to the customer on a pre-order basis and the company has not yet started its shipping. Essential Home is a small round device consisting of a screen to display information like search results, upcoming events and much more. On contrary Amazon Echo and Google Home do not have screens. Using Essential Home users can fire vocal commands to control all the tech gadgets smartly. Essential Home can power various devices like watches, light bulbs, toasters, ovens, refrigerators and much more.

One of the important features of this device is that it does not completely depend on the cloud instead it stores the data locally and communicates with other devices locally.